Splinter Is About Crypto Now


Jose Zamora, VP of our parent company Univision, says that 2018 will bring a new focus on “revenue-first journalism.” A fortuitous trend, from our perspective, because Splinter News is now about crypto.

Crypto currencies like Bit coin. And more.

It took just days for the tiny company LongFin Corp. to rise in value by 2,400%—thanks to nothing more than the announcement that they were entering the crypto business. Just weeks earlier, another tiny company rose by 750% using the same tactic. Likewise, you can expect Splinter News to rocket in value now that word is “on the street” about our new crypto focus. Whether it takes the form of an entirely new “vertical” or just a “strategic shift” into crypto block chain reporting, analysts say that one thing is sure: in 2018, the focus of those who care about revenue will be on the crypto sphere—and, in turn, on Splinter News, your media outlet of choice for crypto news.

We’ll be popular. You’ll see. Please don’t lay us off.

With the mercy and tenderness of Santa Claus in mind, we bid you,

Happy Holidays—And Beyond.

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