Stolen Jesus statue returns a few days later with a fresh coat of paint


A five-foot-tall Jesus disappeared from the Angels and Company store in Monroe, Connecticut, on Wednesday morning. At the time, no one knew where Jesus went. (Note: Jesus is a statue; this is not the real Jesus.) Reported missing, it may have been safe to assume Jesus was gone forever. But days later, he made a dramatic return.

On Sunday morning, someone called the owners of Angels and Company to report Jesus…was back! But not only did Jesus make his way back to the store (on All Saints Day, Fox Carolina points out); he returned all spiffy and clean, with a brand-new coat of paint. Lucky Jesus!

Midge Saglimbene and Linda Schirillo, the store owners, believed the thief was a good samaritan and not a person with a twisted sense of irony:

Saglimbene and Schirillo said it appeared that the culprit was a thief with good intentions.
“He looks beautiful,” Saglimbene said. “He looks different. The one we had was chipped and faded, but I loved him. He was beautiful and he’s beautiful.”

The painter of the Jesus statue remains at-large.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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