Talking to the guy who got drunk, wrote Donald Trump gay erotica, and put it on Amazon


Most authors don’t drink four bottles of wine in a single night and write an erotic novel that stirs up controversy in just as little time, but such is the life of 22-year-old L.A. comedian Elijah Daniel. His new Kindle Single, Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & the Bellboy hit Amazon yesterday, mere hours after Daniel put the finishing touches on his wine- and weed-induced fever-dream creation. Since then, it has garnered a significant amount of coverage and quite a few downloads from people curious to read about GOP candidate Donald Trump bending over and taking it. Shortly after it was published, it reached the no. 2 spot on Amazon’s humorous erotica list.

The epic story that only took Daniel four hours (and a lot of white wine) to finish contains lines such as “I had to admit it, I wanted his geriatric 2006 Perez Hilton Jello body.” The pages surge with sexual desire and man-on-man action—and Trump’s hands are described as an “old gingerbread house.” It’s brash, it’s crude, it’s something Trump may not be able to avoid addressing.

I reached out to Daniel, who is shocked and thrilled by the backlash he has already received from Trump supporters while watching his Kindle Single rise the charts.

Hey Eli, so how did you get inspired to write an erotica novel about Donald Trump?

I was drinking wine, and saw someone tweet that they wanted Bernie Sanders to fist them. And then somehow all the pieces just fell together—with the help of wine and marijuana.

Of all characters you could choose to portray yourself as, why a bellboy?

I ran a Twitter poll and let my followers decide. I just threw bellboy in there as a joke—and it got 51% of the 4,000 votes.

Of all genres, why erotica?

I like doing things that are gross, weird, and make people laugh. This seemed like a good idea.

Was this a get-rich-quick scheme? Was there personal motivation behind writing about Trump?

Amazon’s royalties are like $0.30 per person who reads the book, so it’s not really a get rich scheme. I was just drunk and told Twitter I’d do it, and then I was stuck doing it.

If Trump were to reach out to you about the novella, what would you say to him?

I would ask him why he blocked me on Twitter when I tweeted him asking for nudes.

Do you believe that by publishing something like this, you’re potentially in legal trouble?

No, I should be good. But if he tries to sue I’ll write this into an entire series.

Which chapter was your favorite to write?

Blood Sausage. I’ve been trying to find a way to sneak the words “blood sausage” into projects for a long time. Glad it finally happened.

Did any other erotica novels inspire you?

I’ve actually never even read an erotic novel, but this was very loosely a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey. I tried to mimic the author with my descriptions.

So you’re NOT a Trump supporter?


What have reactions been like so far?

Everyone loves it. Except this one person who left a 1 star review.


And you were drunk while writing it, correct?


Give me an overview of the plot.

Basically, my character is a horny bellboy who meets Trump and then has sex with him… Or doesn’t. You’ll have to read to find out.

How much of this book includes direct quotes from Donald Trump himself?

None, but [there are ] some things I wish he would say in a speech. Like “blood sausage.”

Were you worried at all about intense backlash from Trump supporters?

I fucking hope I get backlash from this. Like a lot. I hope I somehow end up getting murdered for this book and it’s my legacy.

Any plans for a sequel if this ends up taking off and being a best-seller?

If it hits the bestseller list I will literally write an entire trilogy.

Shawn Binder is an LA writer whose work has appeared in VICE, Playboy, and PAPER Magazine. His debut novel UNSOLICITED ADVICE will hit a shelf near you in 2017.

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