Ted Cruz Simply Can't Stop Embarrassing Himself


By most accounts, CNN’s marathon climate change town hall on Wednesday was a decidedly mixed bag. Elizabeth Warren did pretty well. Joe Biden…not so much. Beto O’Rourke, who is still running for president I guess, was there too, and shared an appropriately disheartening anecdote about his son predicting that their hometown of El Paso would someday become uninhabitable due to global warming.

And like a big dumb Kool-Aid man, here comes Sen. Ted Cruz bursting in to embarrass himself with an ill-advised attempt to dunk on O’Rourke’s story.

Does Cruz know climate change isn’t just a question of flooding and hurricanes? Is he aware that Texas is, in fact, deeply susceptible to some of the worst effects of climate change, including drought, wildfires, and extreme heat? Is this a tacitly admission by Cruz that non-landlocked cities are at risk of becoming totally uninhabitable in years to come?

Anyway, good try, Ted. Now please log off.

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