That Time a Powerful Senator Called the White House a Day–Care Center


When was the last time a senator referred to the sitting president, from his own political party, as an irresponsible child?

Republican Sen. Bob Corker, who announced last month that he plans to retire, isn’t pretending anymore that the president of the United States is fit for office.

This has been brewing for a while, with Corker, who is the chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, recently criticizing President Donald Trump by noting that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly are the three most important people preventing the president from plunging the country into total chaos.

On Sunday, on the heels of probably one of the most batshit crazy interviews he’s ever done, Trump unleashed on the Tennessee senator on Twitter, which the president usually does to anyone who criticizes him. As 45 likes—no, needs—to do, he made Corker’s situation about Donald Trump, claiming the senator “begged” him to endorse Corker for re–election. He also called Corker gutless for not placating the president’s fragile ego.

But Sen. Corker, who’s retiring soon, isn’t having it. His response was biting, accurate, and well overdue. Someone from the Republican Party finally seems to be standing up to the bully they put in the nation’s highest office.

“It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center,” Corker tweeted on Sunday morning. “Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.”

Corker also was critical of the Republicans’ make–the–rich–even–richer tax plan, and could be a key “No” vote if that plan continues in its current form.

During a recent Senate Budget Committee hearing, Corker said that “unless [the tax plan] reduces deficits and does not add to deficits with reasonable and responsible growth models, and unless we can make it permanent, I don’t have any interest in it,” Business Insider reported.

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