The CIA knows a lot of world trivia and they quizzed us on it during the Opening Ceremony


Remember when the CIA joined Twitter and everyone wondered how a top-secret agency could maintain a public social media page?

Here’s one way: By tweeting polls during Opening Ceremony of the Olympics with some off-beat trivia about the participating countries. They linked to each country’s page in on the CIA’s website with the answer.

This was the first tweet, by way of explanation:

Then they started tweeting about the countries in the parade. Greece came out first:

Then things got sassy with a trick question about Kyrgyzstan:

Then they took on geography:

And, finally, Brazil got its chance:

Despite everything going on during the Opening Ceremony, the CIA’s Twitter polls did not go unnoticed.

All of this trivia begs the question: Why does the CIA know all of this? Is trivia a big part of the CIA test? And how will we ever know the answer to this, if the CIA will never confirm or deny anything?

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