The great blizzard of 2016, in pictures


Where were you when the historic blizzard of 2016 struck? Maybe you were in New York City, where there was the second-highest amount of snow in Central Park since 1869; where there was such an aggressive ban on vehicular traffic that the NYPD was threatening to arrest people who violated it; where Broadway and the museums and most of the restaurants closed for business on a Saturday night; where the city that never sleeps took a long nap.

Or maybe you were in the Washington, DC region, where there was up to 35 inches of snow in some places; where it was so snowy and windy that the police were warning of virtually zero visibility; where thousands of travel plans were obliterated by the weather and people brought their sleds out to Capitol Hill.

Or maybe you were somewhere else, rolling your eyes at those East Coasters and getting on with your life.

Whatever your situation, here’s a snapshot of what the blizzard looked like in pictures.

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