The President Sure Loves His Polls!

White House

The President is very good at doing dumb and obvious crimes, but he is very bad at understanding the importance of a diverse polling sample.

Here is a recent example:

Indeed, 97.83 percent of Breitbart readers “stand with Donald Trump,” much like how 100 percent of my parents think that I am “smart and funny.” To be honest, that Breitbart number even sounds a tad low to me—if even a website beloved by white supremacists can’t convince 2.87 percent of its readers that the bad President is very good, there’s a glitch in the simulation somewhere. But that’s just me!

Anyway, congratulations to Donald Trump, winner of Breitbart’s support. Meanwhile, a recent CNN poll found that 55 percent of Americans support the impeachment inquiry; a majority of polls currently show Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders beating Trump in a general election, and Trump’s got about a 42 percent approval rating. Not that any of that necessarily matters in the long run—polls only mean so much, as we now know so well—but it seems unlikely any of them will get a Trump tweet anytime soon.

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