The Ten Likeliest Vice Presidents for Trump

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Due to the unpredictability of Donald Trump and the chaos created by his potential Vice-Presidential sycophants, I need to get this column up before he randomly posts this news during one of his cable news rage-viewing sessions. The VP chase is in the news this week thanks to one collapsing clusterfuck of a candidate, and we are roughly two months away from the Republican convention. One would expect Trump to make his decision in the coming weeks.

We’ll list the ten candidates from least likely to most according to their odds on PredictIt, a site that allows people to bet on political outcomes and for Sean McElwee to completely overdo it and ruin his reputation. The price to buy a “yes they will be VP” share as of this writing is in parentheses.

9. Nikki Haley (3 cents)

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9. Nikki Haley (3 cents)
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Lol. Lmao even. Nikki Haley is a time traveler from 2012 who got lost. She’s trying to win with a constituency in the GOP that has less power than us socialists have in the Democratic Party. Newsflash for Haley and her team of sunk cost enthusiasts thinking they can change the GOP into anything other than what it has always wanted to be: Mitt Romney lost in 2012. That world died with him. No shot.

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