There's lots and lots of 2016 voting happening this weekend


With Super Tuesday in the rear view mirror, most people are looking to March 15th as the next big day on the presidential primary calendar. That’s when voters in big states like Florida and Ohio go to the polls, potentially delivering knockout blows to rivals of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

But that doesn’t mean nothing’s happening in between. In fact, this weekend alone will see voters in multiple states, along with Puerto Rico, casting their ballots.

On Saturday, there are primaries in both Kansas and Louisiana, as well as Republican caucuses in Maine and Kentucky and a Democratic caucus in Nebraska. On Sunday, Democrats in Maine hold their caucus and Republicans in Puerto Rico hold their primary. It’s the only chance Puerto Rican residents voting that day will have to effect the race, since they are barred from voting in the November elections even though they are American citizens.

Though the races won’t have the impact of upcoming contests, they still provide an opportunity for whoever wins to continue racking up delegates on the way to the party conventions later in the year. This could be especially crucial on the Republican side, where many party elites are trying to deny Trump the 1,237 delegates he would need to sew up the nomination. Unfortunately for them, Trump is leading in all the polls.

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