This Joker lawn ornament is the most terrifying thing you'll see today


After torturing Robin and stabbing Batman in the knee, permanently crippling him, the Joker eventually met his demise after being shot with his own gun. The sociopathic clown-cum-terrorist was buried deep beneath the foundation of Arkham Asylum where, one images, he stayed good and dead.

If the people at ThinkGeek are to be believed, though, Batman didn’t bury the Joker deep enough. Not only is the Joker not really dead, he’s digging his way out of the grave and onto all of our front lawns.

Modeled after the Joker’s appearance in the controversial Killing Joke story arc, the “DC Joker Ground Breaker” is every bit as horrifying and anxiety inducing as you might imagine.

Why would anyone want a flayed joker clawing his way out of their flower beds? ThinkGeek claims that the lawn ornament would be perfect for scaring away would-be trick-or-treaters this Halloween. Personally, though, we’d suggest using it to scare off the philandering, Batman-wannabes in your life.

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