Transgender youth raise trans pride flag at Philly City Hall


The city of Brotherly Love on Thursday invited a group of children to raise the transgender pride flag in front of the city hall. The pink, white, and blue flag flew right next to the U.S. flag in honor of a local transgender health conference hosted annually in the city.

“I invited the youth who were in town to attend the TransHealth Conference to raise the flag,” Nellie Fitzpatrick, director of LGBT Affairs at the Mayor’s office, told Fusion.

Fitzpatrick said it was a “powerful moment for those incredible kids.”

One of the children raising the flag was affiliated with the Trans Youth Equality Foundation, an advocacy group for transgender and gender non-conforming children.

“I hope that the raising of this transgender pride flag serves as a statement to the entire City and nation that Philadelphia remains committed to creating a City of equality for our transgender communities,” Fitzpatrick told Philly Voice.

The flag will be flown until the end of the conference on Sunday.

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