Trump: Everyone's Called 'Racist' Now, So I'm Definitely Not

White House

While half of the 2020 Democratic presidential field was busy dancing on former Rep. John Delaney’s mangled political corpse during Tuesday night’s primary debate, President Donald Trump was opining about racism in an interview with C-SPAN, insisting once again that he couldn’t possibly be racist because, like, what even is racism, man?

“I think the word has really gone down a long way because everybody’s called a racist now,” Trump said.

“The word is so overused, it’s such a disgrace,” he continued.

“They use it almost when they run out of things to criticize you—they say ‘he’s a racist, he’s a racist,” Trump went on. “Now, in some cases it’s true, there are people that are racist, bad people. But with me, they have a hard time getting away with it, and they don’t get away with it.”

In a rare instance of mistaken clarity, Trump happens to be right—there are racists, and they’re bad people. And, as it happens, a new poll shows that more than half of Americans believe Trump is, in fact, a big ol’ racist.

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