My Favorite Trump Fuck Up From His Absurd Montana Rally Was Him Trying to Say 'Anonymous'

White House

At this point in Donald Trump’s presidency, calling one of his MAGA rallies a total shitshow is like calling water “wet” or Don Jr. “dumb.” Yeah, we get it—Nothing to see here. Please disperse.

But even by the high standard of ridiculousness already established over the past few years, the president’s event in Billings, MT, on Thursday night seemed to take things to a whole new level.

During the rally, Trump compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, and claimed the Gettysburg Address was “excoriated” (big word, Mr. President, try not to hurt yourself) by, yup, you guessed it: “The fake news.”

If so many of “us” know the Gettysburg Address by memory, I’m sure Trump will have no problem reciting it without any help the next time he speaks in public, right? Right?

Then, Trump described Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte as a “fighter” who has fought “in more ways than one” for his state. In fact, Gianforte voted for Trump’s tax cuts, which will make the multi-millionaire even richer while at the same time fucking over his poorest constituents.

He also is the man who pleaded guilty to physically assaulting Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, who had the unmitigated gall to ask him a question. So, yeah, I guess technically does fight. Other human beings.

To put the shitnail in the shitcoffin, Trump tried twice to say the word “anonymous” without sounding like an addled mush brain. He failed both times.

Nailed it.

You can watch the whole rally below if you’d like. But honestly, save yourself the agita, and go hug a loved one instead.

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