Trump Reportedly Blames a Media Conspiracy for the Outrage Over Child Detention

White House

Anyone who has seen the images, heard the audio, or is even mildly aware of the scandal surrounding the separation and detention of undocumented child immigrants from their parents can see that the practice is cruel and abusive. That is, of course, unless you’re President Donald Trump, who is apparently skeptical of the reports of all the suffering his administration has inflicted because someone showed him pictures of child detainees smiling.

The Washington Post reported on Monday night that Trump has doubled down on his campaign against the most helpless human beings, and as with anything, Trump appears to place the blame for the fierce public outrage over these human rights abuses squarely on the media. From the Post report:

Trump has been closely monitoring the coverage but has been suspicious of it, telling associates he believes that the media cherry-picks the most dramatic images and stories to portray his administration in a negative light, according to one senior administration official.
The images in the media contrast with more positive photos that Trump’s aides have shown the president depicting detained children smiling, playing video games and exercising outside, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to be candid.

Our monster of a president, a man who must be fed bite-sized bits of information that has already been processed to best suit his opinions and regurgitated back into him like a goddamn baby bird, has the fucking audacity to think the abuses he has brought about are okay—because he once saw pictures of imprisoned children not outwardly suffering.

Trump’s doubts over the veracity of what he’s doing to these children should come as no surprise. His own son Donald Trump Jr. liked a Brietbart tweet accusing the child detainees of being coached on what to say. The ever-despicable Ann Coulter openly and directly advised the president not to “fall for” what she described as “child actors.”

The delusion that has characterized Donald Trump from campaign to election to now has always been terrifying, as has its accompanying demonization of people of color and immigrants. But this is a whole new level of evil.

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