Trump Said So Many Disgusting Things About Immigrants Today That It Was Hard to Keep Up


Donald Trump spent Wednesday afternoon meeting with local legislators and other elected officials for a thoughtful, calm, and nuanced discussion on California’s sanctuary laws that…yeah, duh, of course he didn’t. The whole thing was a racist nightmare, the lowlights of which are almost too numerous to count.

But let’s try!

‘These Are Animals’

Responding to a statement from a local official describing members of the M3-13 street gang in her community, Trump said, “We’re taking people out of the country—you wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals.”

Yeah, this is incredibly fucked up! Trump is vaguely, possibly talking about MS-13 here, but we know what’s really happening.

Prosecute Oakland’s Mayor

Trump also focused his ire on Northern California, suggesting to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was in the meeting, that the Department of Justice should investigate Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who warned her city of an impending ICE raid in late February.

“To me, that’s obstruction of justice,” Trump told Sessions. “Perhaps the Department of Justice can look into that.”

In fact, seemingly unbeknownst to Trump, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced two months ago that the DOJ was already reviewing Shaaf’s behavior. But it’s great he’s casually threatening elected officials like this.

‘We Have to Break Up Families’

Trump lashed out at Democrats who, he claimed, we responsible for the laws that absolutely force him—against his will!—to tear children away from their parents when they enter the United States without documentation.

“The Democrats gave us that law. It’s a horrible thing we have to break up families,” Trump said, adding, “they’ll leave it like that because they don’t want to make any changes. And now you’re breaking up families because of the Democrats. It’s terrible.”

While Democrats have certainly fallen short of anything resembling an adequate response to the immigration needs of families crossing into the United States, Trump’s bizarre comment comes just days after his own Department of Homeland Security unveiled a series of plans to bolster its family separation enterprise—among them, forcing children removed from their parents to reside on military bases.

A Tearful Cameo From ICE

Perhaps the strangest, most pathetic moment of the roundtable came from from outgoing Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan, who practically broke down in tears at the very thought of people being mean to his agency.

“I’m sick and tired of the constant vilification of these men and women who leave their home everyday, and strap a gun to their hip,” Homan blubbered, choking back a sob. “Leave the safety and security of their families to defend this nation, and to defend their neighborhoods.”

Poor ICE, they’re the real victims here.

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