We Finally Know What Is Too Openly Racist Even for Breitbart


Breitbart, a white nationalist site that revels in racist and/or Islamaphobic content, decided Monday that its own social media editors had gone too far with a tweet linking to a story about Super Bowl viewership:

What crossed the line for a publication that has a story tag for “black crime,” attempted to smear former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s accusers, and whose standard editorial output includes headlines like “10 Things Milo Hates About Islam” and “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia?” This:

If you have the misfortune of coming across Breitbart’s content regularly, you’ll recognize this as standard-issue Islamaphobic ugliness from the site. The tweet itself linked to a Breitbart post which aggregated a Fox News opinion piece which itself aggregated local news posts to fuel a racist narrative that black protesters caused the Super Bowl’s viewership to drop.

This embarrassingly low-quality, blatantly Islamaphobic work comes from a site bankrolled by major Republican donors and until recently run by Steve Bannon, a former top adviser to the president of the United States. The only difference with this tweet is that it said the quiet part loud.

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