We merged the face of every Bachelor into reality TV’s ultimate eligible man


Tonight, Ben Higgins will propose to either Lauren B. or JoJo—although he’s already told both women that he loves them—in what’s sure to be a dramatic season finale of ABC’s The Bachelor. (Fusion is a joint venture of ABC and Univision.)

Since 2002, 19 men have been featured on 20 seasons of this reality dating show. They are, in order: Alex Michel, Aaron Buerge, Andrew Firestone, Bob Guiney, Jesse Palmer, Byron Velvick, Charlie O’Connell, Travis Lane Stork, Lorenzo Borghese, Andrew Baldwin, Brad Womack, Matt Grant, Jason Mesnick, Jake Pavelka, Brad Womack (again), Ben Flajnik, Sean Lowe, Juan Pablo Galavis, Chris Soules, and Higgins.

There has been one Latino Bachelor, season 18’s Juan Pablo, but this group of men is otherwise depressingly uniform: They are white, they are conventionally attractive, and—when they’re not actively offensive (looking at you, Juan Pablo)—they’re usually pretty boring.

We used the Multi Face Blender app to morph all 19 of their likenesses into the platonic ideal of a Bachelor.

To us, he looks like the hypothetical son of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, plus a little bit of Riff Raff.


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Molly Fitzpatrick is senior editor of Fusion’s Pop & Culture section. Her interests include movies about movies, TV shows about TV shows, and movies about TV shows, but not so much TV shows about movies.

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