White House Reaction to Gaza Massacre Sinks to a New Low

White House

The Trump administration has been unwavering in its insistence that Hamas is solely to blame for the fact that Israeli soldiers shot and killed nearly 60 Palestinian protesters in Gaza on Monday. On Tuesday, however, that gutless talking point was taken to a new extreme by White House spokesman Hogan Gidley, who appeared on Fox News to reiterate the administration’s tacit approval of the previous day’s massacre.

Here’s what Gidley said (via Raw Story):

We’ve put the onus squarely on Hamas here. This is an organized, purposeful propaganda technique by Hamas to try and garner support and sympathy from media outlets and from the rest of the global community. But when they have a clear disdain for life by using human shields repeatedly, as you just saw Nikki Haley testifying to the fact that they were putting molotov cocktails on kites and trying to fly them over the boarder… This is the type of action, so that they will, in fact, get shot. So it looks as though it’s someone else’s fault for their action. But this is clearly on Hamas.

So it looks as though it’s someone else’s fault for their action.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that maybe the Israeli soldiers doing the actual shooting—none of whom were even injured yesterday, by the way—might share a decent chunk of the blame here.

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