Whoops! Two of Donald Trump’s kids didn’t register in time to vote for him


Donald Trump likes to boast about the support he has from GOP voters in his home state of New York. But there are two New Yorkers who definitely won’t be voting for him in next Tuesday’s primary: Eric and Ivanka Trump.

In an interview with Fox News on Monday morning, Trump admitted that his second and third-born children failed to register as Republicans in time to be able to participate in New York’s Republican primary on April 19th.

“They were unaware of the rules and they didn’t register in time.  So they feel very very guilty. The feel very guilty, but it’s fine,” Trump told the hosts of “Fox and Friends.”

The New York primary is a “closed” contest, meaning that only registered members of a political party can vote for that party’s nominee. New York also requires voters be registered more than two weeks in advance of the primary, and voters who switch party affiliations to re-register more than half a year before the primary.  Eric and Ivanka have already missed both of those deadlines for the upcoming primary election.

Trump did not say why his children were not registered as Republican voters prior to the deadline. It is possible that Eric and Ivanka were registered as Democrats, or had simply not registered at all.

In the interview with Fox, Trump said that Ivanka and Eric had a “long time to register” and that he thought they had to register “a year in advance.” That suggests that Eric and Ivanka may have been registered with a different party, and missed the earlier October deadline. Neither Eric nor Ivanka show up in New York voter registration searches using their Manhattan addresses.

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