Woman Gets Tattoo Of Herself Taking A Selfie


A modern, independent, autonomous young woman just got a tattoo of her selfie. Yup, she did. And the four horsemen haven’t even appeared yet.

In some ways, I guess we could say that this was only a matter of time. Humanity is marked by its ability to break new boundaries, achieving that which we have not achieved before. We embark on new adventures and inventions in constant evolution. So under this theory, we in fact probably should have expected this. When you think about humanity’s propensity to achieve what it hasn’t before, this, until now, was on the list of “boundaries not yet crossed.”

While the details of the revolutionary are not yet known, the work of art was first reported by Kiss 92.5 Toronto via Twitter:

So, just to confirm, you are in fact seeing all of these things:

1. Point and shoot camera

2. Duck-face selfie

3. Tattoo of point and shoot camera duck-face selfie

4. Social evolution

Fusion is currently working to confirm that this actually happened. For everyone’s sake, we’re hoping it’s just another Internet hoax.

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