Women share stories of male harassment with #NoWomanEver but unsurprisingly some men don't like it


Women on social media are sharing their stories of frustration over harassment by men on social media by using #NoWomanEver as a hashtag.

BuzzFeed News traced the hashtag back to @ImJustCeej, an Atlanta woman who asked to be identified only as CJ.

“I was honestly just annoyed and frustrated because there were men on the timeline dismissing the experiences of some women discussing street harassment,” CJ told Fusion via Direct Message on Twitter. “It’s like ‘well if we can’t to you, how will we ever meet’ or or using the ‘not all men’ type of explanations to create loopholes for harassment. I was genuinely pissed off, and just being sarcastic as a way to snap back at the guys, but also to ease some of the tension with women.”

Despite the thousands of responses from women, there were some men who were annoyed by the hashtag.

To be fair, there were plenty of men who reacted by saying the hashtag opened up their eyes.

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