Wouldn't It Be Nice if the Democrats Actually Believed All the Things They Say in This Good Ad


There are caveats to come, but… I think the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, also known as the DCCC or “those guys who send you the fucking terrible emails,” just made a good ad. I know, I didn’t believe it either. But watch:

It’s funny! It’s smart! The actors are good! I actually laughed! It takes on rich people! People hate rich people! Democrats would get many more votes if they actually convinced people they hated rich people too!

And now for the caveats:

  1. Good ads don’t matter, and are actually kind of offensive, if you don’t back them up with good policy. Democrats need a much stronger set of policies that would actually alleviate the situation working people are in, raise wages, give them healthcare, etc, etc. Shit’s bad! Tinkering around the edges ain’t gonna cut it!
  2. The DCCC also takes money from super rich guys like the ones they’re parodying in the ad. This cycle, they’ve taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from such rich fucks as Fred Eychaner, George M. Marcus, and Haim Saban, according to FEC records. You cannot credibly do both, even if the other party is much, much friendlier to rich guys than you. You cannot fight for the poor while taking money from the super-rich.
  3. I’m a coastal elite, a journalist, a resident of Washington, D.C. aka the swamp, a fuckhead, a soy boy, a leftist, a person who buys farro and eats at Sweetgreen, a non-drinker, a cat owner, a literal foreigner. My views may not represent the rest of America.

For now, we’re stuck with the Democrats as the only viable electoral route to improving anything at all, at least nationally. That is not great news. But I can’t help thinking that we’d be a lot less fucked if we had a Democratic party that could do more of this (and mean it) and less of the milquetoast, neoliberal, centrist bullshit.

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