You Gotta Hand It to Trump, This Is an Incredible Troll


One of the weirdest things about having a Very Online president—aside from the threat of nuclear war launched over social media—is that every so often, Trump gets in a surprisingly good own. (See, for instance, the great “I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen!” tweet of 2018.)

One of Trump’s favorite people to Twitter-dunk on is Mitt Romney, whose habitual wavering between Trump critic and Trump lapdog has made him a frequent target. In April, the President tweeted a video juxtaposing Romney’s 2012 election loss with his own 2016 win, and he did it again on Monday night.

Honestly, the video is pretty good:

It’s likely that Romney earned Trump’s ire this time by tweeting on Sunday that it “would be troubling in the extreme” if Trump did indeed offer foreign aid to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in exchange for an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden. Romney also called on the White House to release the whistleblower complaint transcript, which, to be clear, the White House will not do.

Then again, it’s possible Trump isn’t even aware of Romney questioning his dictatorial authority, and just felt like owning him. Either way, it was a good troll. The president is very bad, but the man sure knows how to use the internet for sport.

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