5 things we’ll see (or hope to see) in the new Clinton-themed Off-Broadway musical


“Clinton: The Musical,” an off-Broadway comedy based on the presidency of Bill Clinton, opens for previews on Wednesday, with an official opening early next month.

The musical provides a humorous look at the Clintons, as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prepares to embark on a likely run for the White House of her own. At the heart of the musical are two Bill Clintons (or Bills Clinton) played by two different actors — one the more intelligentsia type, and another the “randy, charming” type.

“With Hillary (Rodham) Clinton at their side, the two will handle issues from The White House to Whitewater, the sax to the sex, social security to social climbers, and in the process make history. Maybe,” the musical’s website promises.

Here are five moments we expect or hope to see in the musical.

1. The sax

We’ll definitely see this one. It looks like “randy, charming” Bill Clinton will reenact Bill’s famous saxophone solo from the Arsenio Hall show:

2. Pantsuits

The musical has hinted that it’s a fan of Hillary Clinton’s famous pantsuits. We’re hoping for a wide variety of them from Kerry Butler, a veteran Broadway actress (and former Clinton campaign volunteer, according to The Associated Press) who will play Hillary Clinton in the musical.

3. Congress and Washington during the Clinton era

Al Gore! Newt Gingrich! Bob Dole! Dick Gephardt! Politics was great in the 90s, full of plenty of investigations, sex scandals, government shutdowns, and more. We’re excited to see these characters come to life again.

4. Eleanor Roosevelt (???!!)

Actress Judy Gold plays Eleanor Roosevelt, the former First Lady who died almost 30 years before Bill Clinton was ever elected to office. What’s she doing in the play? We guess it might be so she can “talk” with Hillary Clinton — Hillary reportedly had imaginary conversations with Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi as some sort of “therapeutic release.”

5. RBG

As in, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was appointed to the Supreme Court by Bill Clinton in 1993 and the musical has featured her as a “woman crush Wednesday” on its Facebook page, so we’re hoping her badass spirit is allowed to shine in the musical.

Brett LoGiurato is the senior national political correspondent at Fusion, where he covers all things 2016. He’ll give you everything you need to know about politics, with a healthy side of puns.

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