A Tale of a Feckless Conservative Magazine in Two Covers


In what can only be assumed is a two-year commemoration of its own spineless posturing, the newest edition of National Review shows just how far the pillar of conservative media has come on Donald Trump.

Here’s the magazine’s February 5, 2018 cover, featuring the headline “A Year of Achievement”:

It’s hard not to see that and immediately recall the magazine’s February 15, 2016 edition, which featured “THE EDITORS”—including such titans of industry as the lady who’s promised to rain down gunfire on all unbelievers and the guy whose parents wouldn’t let him eat Asian food on Pearl Harbor Day—bravely registering their polite disapproval to one Donald J. Trump.

Conservatives will always come around eventually to a president who promises to cut their taxes and save liberals’ unborn babies. If that president is lucky, those same conservatives will begin whitewashing his legacy before he’s even out of office.

h/t @FederalistPitch

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