A YouTube star and queer rights advocate just came out as gender-fluid


Brendan Jordan, the voguing teen who stole the show during a local news report covering a mall voguing and leveraged his viral fame into a massive online following, has come out as gender fluid.

In a speech given before welcoming openly trans fashion model Andreja Pejić to the stage for the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive event, Jordan explained that like most teenagers, they’d been going through the process of “figuring it out” and that their gender identity shifted from day to day.

“I’m starting to identify as one, or as part, of the trans community,” they explained. “I can’t really label it, because, you know, some days, my more feminine side comes out — the ‘she.’”

Jordan continued:

“Some other days I don’t feel like putting on my fabulous mask, and the ‘he’ comes out, and I’m totally OK with that. And I don’t know who I am, or where I will be going in the future, who I will be 10 years from now but I’m still a teenager. I just like the limitless feeling of it, and I’m perfectly fine with who I am now. I just identify with both genders, so I go by the pronouns he or she and it’s just what I’m happy with.”

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