America Runs on Dunkin' on Mike Pence


It’s been a huge day for Vice President Mike Pence! First he got dunked on by a US Olympic athlete’s mother after dunking on himself with some terrible tweets. And now he’s being slyly taken to task for being generally useless.

At the Yokata Air Base in Japan today, a reporter asked Pence when exactly he was made aware of former White House aide Rob Porter’s alleged emotional and physical abuse of his ex-wives. Pence responded that he woke up to the news this morning—a pathetic answer, but one he might have just gotten away with. It was reporter Ashley Parker’s bold-as-fuck followup question that really did Pence in:

This is now a number of times when you found out—you’re the Vice President, you’re the number two in the administration— where you found about something very late after a number of other senior staff below you even in the West Wing have found out about it…Can you comment on why you often seem a little bit out of the loop on some of this major news?

Translation: Can you kindly talk about why you’re so damn terrible at your job and maybe why everyone hates you?

The words falling out of Pence’s mouth in response described his gratefulness to President Trump in being allowed to go to South Korea for the Olympics and also be a part of the legislative process, but if you look deep in his eyes, he knows. He knows how delectable that dunk was.

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