An astrological breakdown of all your favorite 'Game of Thrones' characters


We have strong bonds with the characters on Game of Thrones: We mourn them, we hate them, we crush on them, we root for them. We use them to get revenge on those who’ve wronged us and to better understand the 2016 election, and they inspire us to cry “valar morghulis” over how terrible and delusional men can be. The Game of Thrones fanbase—which is primarily, though far from entirely, male—tends to take their favorite books and television show incredibly seriously, engaging in detailed Reddit threads about the hidden meanings behind everything the characters do and everything that happens to them. But we decided to close-read their personalities and relationships through a more stereotypically feminine, lighthearted lens: their (hypothetical!) astrological signs.

We spoke with astrologer and Game of Thrones fan Annabel Gat, who writes monthly horoscopes for Broadly and has let us pick her brain in the past, about the probable zodiac signs of some of the series’ key players and whether their signs are compatible for both love and leadership. (Gat did note: “They probably don’t have the same constellations, but we’re just having fun. This is astrology and we don’t need to be that serious.”)

What are the astrological signs of Game of Thrones characters?

Jamie Lannister: “He is Cersei’s twin brother and I think it’s fair to call him a Leo because he is the golden child of the family. With Leo, there is this theme around their archetype of being the golden one, the one that is in the spotlight, the one that is the king of the jungle.”

Cersei Lannister: “She is a Cancer, which is the sign of nurturing and is associated with motherhood. Cancer is also a very patriotic sign. There are two main things that we can say about Cersei other than that she’s a crazy bitch: She loves her kids, she loves her country, and she wants to keep it for her children.

Jamie and Cersei are twins, so you might think, at first, do they have the same Sun sign? No. They were born on the cusp, is what I decided. I’m going to say that Cersei and Jamie were born right at the cusp of Cancer and Leo, and that Cersei came out with Sun in Cancer and that Jamie came out with Sun in Leo.”

Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger: “Gemini is the trickster of the Zodiac. It’s all about information, collecting information and knowing what to say and how to manipulate things and pull strings. It is also one of the signs that is associated with commerce because Mercury deals with commerce. So, who else could this be other than Baelish? He also took on the responsibility of taking care of Sansa, taking her from the land of the Vale to Winterfell. And that is another Gemini in Mercury thing, which is travel.”

Brienne of Tarth: “Virgo is also associated with these same themes around travel. Brienne is going from place to place with Catelyn and Sansa to protect them. Virgo is the sign of servitude and she’s in service for these people, basically giving her life to protect them. Virgo is also the sign that has to do with daily routine and ritual, and there is a lot of ritual involved with being a knight. Like, in the episode where Brienne swore a vow to Sansa, that’s so Virgo.”

Bran Stark: “He’s very psychic and he’s very close to animals as he has relationships with the Three-Eyed Raven and the direwolves. I’m going to call him a Virgo because he has inner vision. But I could be swayed.”

Sansa Stark: “When we first started Sansa’s story all she wanted to do was get married, and that’s a total Libra thing. Libras can be annoying with that relationship thing. They are all about peace, love, and balance, and she was really annoyed with Arya not being a peaceful and harmonious beautiful little thing. Another theme of Libra is justice. As she’s getting older, she wants to right the wrongs that have been happening to her and her family.”

Margaery Tyrell: “She is a Taurus because she’s not fucking going anywhere. Tauruses are all about stability and structure and you can’t move them unless they want to move. Fine, she’s not going to marry Joffrey? That’s okay, she’s staying exactly where she is and she’s just going to marry Tommen. Also, Taurus is one of the signs associated with beauty and luxury. Margaery is definitely beautiful, has lots of luxury around her, and was enjoying life right up until about now.”

Daenerys Targaryen: “Aries is the sign of independence and leadership; she is the breaker of chains. It’s also a fire sign, and Daenerys is the Unburnt [and the Mother of Dragons]. She had a strong love story with Khal Drogo,  but her story isn’t really one that has to do with romance. It’s one that has to do with freeing people, and then being in charge of all these kingdoms and leading people.”

Arya Stark: “Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth. Right now, Arya is dying and she’s being reborn as ‘The Girl With No Name.’ Even before that happened, Arya’s whole thing was her revenge list. She used to go to bed every single night naming the names of the people she was going to kill. I don’t know who does that other than a Scorpio. And even before she had the list of names, she had to go undercover as a boy, and Scorpio is one of the signs of mystery.”

Melisandre: “I don’t think I’ve seen enough aspects of her personality. She strikes me as someone who is a water sign because she is so mysterious and she is magical. She strikes me as a Scorpio or a Pisces due to her magical abilities and her sexual energy.”

Tyrion Lannister: “Jupiter in Sagittarius is the sign of knowledge, expansion, limitlessness, and having fun. Tyrion is all about “the god of tits and wine.” There is nothing more Sagittarius. The episode from [season six] where he says, ‘I drink and I know things’—Sagittariuses like to party, but they are also really fucking smart. They are very charming and they get along with everyone, but they also have a really good grasp on what’s right and wrong.”

Samwell Tarly: “Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. It’s very sensitive and empathetic. Samwell Tarly is at Castle Black and is supposed to be this badass fighter, but he’s like: I wanna think about things, I’m a philosopher. He’s a reader, he’s all about knowledge. He’s very nurturing and he’s very caring.”

Missandei: “She’s another character who I don’t think we’ve seen enough sides of! Because she was an interpreter, and she acts as an advisor to Dany, that makes me think Gemini or Sagittarius; however, she also seems really serene and intuitive, which makes me think Pisces or Virgo. I’m not sure which sign she is, but I get ‘mutable’ sign vibes from her based on her occupations and her general demeanor!”

Lord Varys: “A lot of people think Varys is a Scorpio because he knows stuff, but Aquarius people know stuff, too. They are just as good as being detectives and spies. I always say a Scorpio might spy on you, but an Aquarius will actually hack you. They are the hackers of the Zodiac. Even though there isn’t any hacking going on there [on Game of Thrones], I have a feeling that Varys would be good at doing something like that. Also, Varys is really friendly and he knows how to get along with people. He strikes me as someone who is a humanitarian, is about community, and is a really good leader.”

Jon Snow: “He is a total Capricorn, even down to his name. His last name is Snow, and Capricorn is the first sign of winter. Capricorn can be a dark sign, it’s all about work, it’s all about tasks, it’s not really about having fun. Here we have this character who has a long road of work ahead of him, and he is not really allowed to have fun and drink and hang out with the goddess of wine. He’s doing the opposite of that. Also, a huge theme of Capricorn is climbing the top of whatever mountain you’re climbing, whether it’s becoming the king or becoming president. It’s all about the ascent. Jon Snow is rising in the ranks. He started from the bottom and, before he was stabbed, he was leading the men of Castle Black. And now, he’s in the running to be one of the people who could land on the throne.”

Ramsay Bolton: “I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of his personality to really know what sign he is. I think he could be a Capricorn, but a very evil immature one. Like Jon Snow, he was a Snow until his dad decided he could be a Bolton. He’s another Snow who’s trying to gain power and wants to climb up the ranks. Capricorn is associated with the Devil card in the Tarot, which can have a lot of positive associations because it has to do with material belongings and understanding how to use them to your benefit, but it can also swing into another direction.”

Which Game of Thrones characters are compatible?

Will Brienne and Tormund be good together?
Tormund’s coloring is so red, I feel like he must be an Aries, and he’s also the leader of his crew. What I love about both Aries and Virgo is that they are both so real about who they are. They are both really sincere signs and they are very straightforward. I think there could be some real hot energy between those two. They are not about to play games with each other.

There’s a theory that Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister have Targaryen blood and are going to meet up with Daenerys Targaryen to take over the throne. But would they even work well together?
Capricorn is the sign of maturity, adulthood, and old age, whereas Aries is the baby of the Zodiac. I think Jon Snow will really be someone who grounds Dany and is able to guide her from his wisdom. They are around the same age, but he’s an old soul and she has a youthful resilience about her. Even though Aries and Capricorn often clash because they are both cardinal signs, which means they like to take initiative and be on top, if they are mature, they can both be on top and help each other out. Sagittarius is a fire sign and gets along great with Aries. Tyrion’s current position on the advisory council is perfect. But Tyrion and Jon Snow will probably clash a little bit more because the Capricorn is a little too conservative for a Sagittarius, but they can work it out.

Jon Snow and Sansa are reunited, but don’t seem to be on exactly the same page.
Jon Snow is being a conservative Capricorn, and Sansa is like, I fucking want justice now. When a Libra gets pissed, they are pissed. They might be about peace and love, but they’ll also come at you with a tornado of anger when they are mad and that’s where she is right now. They’re going to crash: Libra and Capricorn are both cardinal signs.

I think it’s less likely that Dany, being an Aries, would clash with Capricorn Jon, because we’ve seen Dany mature through really difficult situations, while Sansa hasn’t been able to have that same kind of growing experience because she has just been a prisoner, living in fear of her life. Though in the books they are around the same age, Sansa has a younger vibe on the show. She’s like, “No, we’re going to go and of course we’re going to win,” whereas the Capricorn is like, “I don’t know about that, I’ve seen some crazy shit out there.” Although she’s been oppressed by people she’s extremely close to, Sansa hasn’t been at war with an entire army.

If you have any Game of Thrones astrology theories of your own, please feel free to debate with Annabel Gat and I on Twitter.

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