Breaking: Another Explosion in Austin, Two Seriously Injured


There was another explosion in Austin, TX tonight, injuring two men in their 20s with serious but non-life threatening injuries, according to Austin EMS’ Twitter account:

The report follows last week’s news of two package bombs detonated in predominantly black neighborhoods of Austin, which killed 17-year old Draylen Mason and injured an elderly Latina woman, which authorities believe are related to another bombing on March 2, which killed 39-year old Anthony Stephan House. Both Mason and House were black.

Update, 11:43 PM ET: In a briefing, Austin police chief Brian Manley said that officers were dispatched at 8:32 PM to Dawn Song Dr. in the Travis Country neighborhood of Austin, in the southwestern part of the city. The bombs detonated last Monday went off in the eastern part of the city.

Manley said that the police were in the midst of clearing a backpack that was found near the scene.

“Not only do not touch any packages or anything that looks like a package, don’t go near it at this time,” Manley said in a message to residents. “It is obvious there’s been an explosion, it’s caused significant injuries to two people.”

He also emphasized that police don’t know much yet, and likely won’t until morning, when he said he’d brief the media again. “It’s a very active scene,” Manley continued. “We just don’t know enough at this point, it’s all unfolding.”

CORRECTION: This post originally said that the explosion was due to a package bomb. As of this time, the cause of the explosion has not been discovered.

This is a developing story. This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

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