Brett Kavanaugh Kicked Off His Questioning by Being a Total Dick to Dianne Feinstein

Supreme Court

After a lengthy, unhinged opening statement in which he attacked Democrats, the media, and even the Clintons, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh calmed down momentarily for his first round of questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee—or in the case of the Republican members, their stand in, Rachel Mitchell.

But if Kavanaugh was trying to project the image of a rational, impartial figure who respects women, his first line of questioning from a Democratic woman was a total failure.

In a testy exchange with California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Kavanaugh loudly raged against the committee, and repeatedly interrupted Feinstein, who calmly pushed Kavanaugh on whether he’d want an FBI investigation into his sexual assault charges.

“Senator, the committee investigates, it’s not for me to say how to do it,” Kavanaugh shot back.

“I wanted to be here the next day,” he continued, raising his voice. “It’s an outrage that I was not allowed to come and immediately defend my name and say, ‘I didn’t do this!’” Then he began rambling about various things he could have been doing in the early 1980s, rather than sexually assaulting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Feinstein then calmly pointed out that despite hearing from some of the witnesses involved in the case, the FBI wasn’t “giving us any facts, so all we have—”

Kavanaugh then angrily interrupted her, shouting “You’re interviewing me! You’re doing it!”

When Feinstein raised other claims made against Kavanaugh in recent days, including the most recent allegation that he’d been “present” during the gang rape of Julie Swetnick, Kavanaugh angrily snapped back that “the Swetnick thing is a joke! A farce!” before leaning back in his seat and rolling his eyes.

Feinstein respond by asking whether Kavanaugh would like to “say anything more about it?”

“No” Kavanaugh quipped, dismissively.

President Trump, reportedly, is loving this shitshow.

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