Bush Administration Advisors Go on TV and Slam Biden Over Gaza

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Bush Administration Advisors Go on TV and Slam Biden Over Gaza

From the point of view of pretty much anyone who works outside the State Department and parts of MSNBC’s studio, Joe Biden is very clearly screwing up the crisis in Gaza. His polls suck, in large part because the diverse and youthful base that propelled him to victory in 2020 appears to be abandoning him in droves, either in large part or entirely due to his unwavering support of Benjamin Netanyahu’s genocidal regime.

With a horrific impending famine threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, the situation is extremely dire. Calling this a genocide will cease to be taboo in mainstream discourse if Israel and Joe Biden allow this famine to unfold.

Former Condoleezza Rice advisor Elise Jordan went on MSNBC yesterday and ripped Joe Biden apart for doing nothing to try to constrain Israel’s heinous atrocities.

Democratic Senator Chris Coons, a moderate who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, went on CNN today and said the United States should pre-condition weapons sales to Israel.

Richard Haass worked in the Department of Defense and the State Department during the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, and he served as the Director of Policy Planning under Colin Powell in the George W. Bush administration. He called for trade sanctions on Israel, a notion the Biden administration has yet to take seriously (the sanctions they did levy were on Israeli settlers).

If you were wondering where we are in this dystopic shift in American politics, we are at “George W. Bush’s advisors are outraged and think the Democratic President is too pro-Israel.” We are all watching Joe Biden’s legacy unfold right before our eyes, and the only person enjoying it is Donald Trump.

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