Cory Booker Getting Out the Vote by Getting Into the Street


It’s raining today in a lot of places on the East Coast, which I noticed earlier when I went outside to walk to my polling place to vote and got wet. Most other people noticed it, too, as they were carrying umbrellas (I wasn’t) and generally trying to avoid being in the rain, but boy, Cory Booker. Now there’s a guy who doesn’t mind a bit of weather.

Booker, the New Jersey senator whose seemingly limitless supply of enthusiasm regularly toes the line between boyishly charming and vaguely deranged, was back home in his district today, where it was raining. But that didn’t stop him from standing outside in the street to wave a sign at drivers urging them to vote.

This is not something I would do personally because it is wet, and also because the Senate race in New Jersey is between super-sketchy incumbent and bad Democrat Bob Menendez and Republican Bob Hugin, who earned Donald Trump’s endorsement.

Although Menendez’s race has been far closer than it should have been, the senator was also ahead by double digits in the polls.

Anyway, here’s Booker in the street. The sign also… isn’t that great? Coulda made a better sign, no offense.

Booker gonna Booker!

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