Defense Department Employee Resigns After CNN Finds Out He's a Birther, Like the President


A Defense Department employee named Todd Johnson has resigned after CNN discovered a trove of old Facebook posts indicating that Johnson was an anti-Muslim birther, much like the current President of the United States.

Johnson, a Pentagon advance officer who dealt with “the sensitive task of providing logistical support related to [Defense Secretary James Mattis]’s events and appearances domestically and abroad,” was discovered to have a Facebook post which shared a video questioning the citizenship of former President Barack Obama along with Johnson’s caption “people still don’t believe,” while another video Johnson shared said Obama was the Antichrist. Johnson captioned that one “i post, you decide.” Other posts and comments included one questioning the sanity of Muslims (as well as their peacefulness), and another time, Johnson shared a newspaper clipping comparing people on entitlement programs to animals.

Johnson reportedly made his account private Tuesday after the network reached out to the Pentagon for comment. By Tuesday afternoon, CNN reported, Johnson’s offer to resign had been accepted.

Johnson shared the birther video in July 2012. President Donald Trump, meanwhile, publicly claimed for several years that Obama was not born in the United States, even after Obama released a copy of his longform birth certificate, before saying in September 2016 that he believed Obama was born in the United States. In November 2017, however, the New York Times reported that Trump was again questioning the veracity of the birth certificate in “closed door conversations.”

It’s like they always say: post for the job you want, not the job you have, unless the job you want is the presidency, in which case you should post whatever the hell you want.

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