Dem Whose Bad Medicare for All Take Got Him Booed Tries Tweeting Through It


There’s a decent chance that you’ve never heard of John Delaney. That’s understandable, given that the former Maryland congressman is currently polling at about one percent in the Democrats’ comedically crowded 2020 presidential field. Still, if you know one thing about Delaney, it might as well be this: He does NOT like Medicare for All, and if you vocally disagree with him, well, you’re basically as bad as Donald Trump.

During a speech to the California Democrats State Convention on Sunday, Delaney was hit with a resounding wave of boos for nearly a full minute after declaring the demonstratively popular plan to give everyone healthcare is “actually not good policy, nor is it good politics.”

Perhaps realizing that pretty much nobody knows who he is outside of being the guy who just got heckled, Delaney then spent his Monday morning doubling down—not so much about why he thinks not M4A isn’t good policy (it is) or even why he thinks the politics are bad (an admittedly slightly more complicated question), but on why booing him was a mean thing to do.

How dare you boo me! Who are you, Donald Friggin’ Trump??

Suffice it to say, Delaney (as well as fellow one-percenter John Hickenlooper, who also got booed at the same event) will likely turn around and try to use this episode to show voters/donors that he’s prepared to speak up about some hard truths—ones that actually aren’t that hard—no matter how much members of his own party might think he’s a total dingus for it.

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