Did we finally get the Song of the Summer we deserve?


2015 has been a desert for pop music. Some good albums — Taylor Swift’s 1989, Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint, and Charli XCX’s Sucker — tided us over for the first part of the year, but until today there hadn’t been a great, fun, sugary pop song in 2015.

Thank God for Carly Rae Jepsen. Here were were, languishing to the likes of “Trap Queen” and “See You Again” — not a single song that sounds like running through sprinklers, or drinking rosé on the beach, or dancing the night away. We had to wait until mid-July to get a Song of the Summer. But here it is:

Just 10 days ago, I suggested 7 good songs could be Song of the Summer — the hallowed position for all pop bangers. I take them back. This is it. “Run Away With Me” is good. Put-on-repeat, dance-in-your-swimsuit, stay-out-all-night good.

The video, to be honest, is a little boring, but it doesn’t matter — there’s no way to watch YouTube when you are too busy HAVING THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE to this song.

With a thumping rhythm and Jepsen’s saccharine voice cooing, “I’ll be your sinner in secret/when the lights go out,” “Run Away With Me” is the second-coming of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” It recalls visions of young love, and ferris wheels, and happiness. This is the song we have been waiting for. This is the song of summer. Embrace it.

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.

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