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Hey, here’s something very gross: Ellen DeGeneres hanging out with blood-soaked former President George W. Bush at a Dallas Cowboys game.

Don’t you just love it when America’s most beloved current talk show host participates in the continued whitewashing of the legacy of one of the worst and most despicable presidents of all time? What’s that you say about Iraq and Guantanamo and Katrina and waterboarding and, oh yes, very relevant for Ellen, the anti-gay bigotry? I guess Ellen can’t hear you.

DeGeneres is, of course, far from alone these days in giving Bush a pass for the many, many, sins he committed and the untold gallons of blood he has on his hands. (She’s also had him on her show before, so this is more of a continuation of a nasty friendship.) But still: blech. Just because Donald Trump is bad does not mean George W. Bush is good! He is a terrible human being.

(h/t Parker Molloy)

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