Everyone Hates the Trumps


You may have never heard of it, but E-Poll Market Research is an organization that studies how celebrities and public personalities are perceived, and sells that data to other companies. The company has several trademark ratings including the “Q score,” which measures the popularity and public awareness of celebrities, and a similar E-Score for public figures. The company sells that data to advertising firms, television networks, and others for an astonishing $17,000 per year. Someone out there trusts this data.

None of the data usually collected by E-Poll Market Research is made public. But the New York Times got their hands on some of the E-Score data about President Trump and his family, and it’s a pretty wild look into how they are perceived by supposedly regular people. Shockingly, it seems most people don’t really care for Trump or his brood!

A spokesperson E-Poll Market Research told the Times that the company does “not approve of the use of E-Poll’s data in this story and cannot confirm or deny the information you were given.”

We know what the public thinks about Trump’s job performance overall, thanks to the many, many polls of his administration; his current job approval rating is hovering around 43 percent. But the data unearthed by the Times goes beyond that.

The paper wrote that the most common descriptions of Trump were “aggressive” and “mean,” according to his E-Score from December. Other highly scoring adjectives included “insincere,” “confident,” and “creepy.” Fewer than four percent of people surveyed described the president as “sexy,” “impartial,” “handsome,” or “physically fit.” Not good!

Overall, Trump’s strong positive appeal—the number of people who said they felt strongly positive about him—was only 14 percent, compared to a strong negative appeal of 39 percent.

But as Trump would surely tell you, there’s no such thing as bad press. Whatever you want to say about Trump, it’s hard to deny that he’s incredibly well known.

Other members of the Trump family and his White House staff have their own E-Scores. People dislike Ivanka Trump even more than her father. Her overall strong positive rating was only 12 percent, with a strong negative appeal of 21 percent. According to the Times, she is “more disliked than liked among every age group by men and women alike.” Ouch! Wonder why that is?

But the saddest statistics in this entire report come courtesy of Jared Kushner. People really seem to hate him! His overall strong positive appeal was only 6 percent, and his overall strong negative appeal was 36 percent. People most often described him as “insincere,” “creepy,” and “overexposed.” (All accurate!) Better luck next life, dude.

Clearly, we don’t need a poll to explain to us the awfulness of the Trumps. But it’s always nice to know that you’re not alone.

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