Foster the People Guy Spending His Days Fostering Epstein Death Conspiracy Theories


All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better uhhhh come up with another crazed conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

The Los Angeles band Foster the People (best known for their 2010 hit song “Pumped up Kicks,” about a mass school shooting) was on a very normal one this weekend, tweeting in support of the conspiracy theory that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly trafficked and sexually abused young girls, wasn’t actually dead by apparent suicide, but is actually quite alive and that a body double took his place.

The tweets, presumably sent by frontman Mark Foster, allege that Epstein is not dead, but is instead alive and having plastic surgery, the insinuation being that he is fleeing justice yet again.

The music site Consequence of Sound reported on Foster’s remarks on Saturday, and Foster, apparently upset at the suggestion that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, doubled down in response. On Twitter, he shared a very scientific graphic comparing photos of Epstein alive and dead as evidence of the conspiracy theory. Sure, definitely more believable than, say, the criminal justice system failing victims once again!

Then last night, he went on a tear about some other stuff: distrust in the media, how he’s a promoter of “social issues” and “justice” by supporting conspiracies that only continue to torment survivors of abuse, and arguing no one is going to be talking about Epstein’s death in a week (projecting!!)

Do your own research = make outlines of a dead man’s face on MacBook Preview, got it!

Mark Foster is an idiot, and every time I saw his band perform live (shamefully, twice) they were sloppy and boring, and I once saw him perform a DJ set in Austin, during which he was shitty and boring then, too. I’ve reached out to Columbia Records and Foster the People’s agent at WME Entertainment for comment and will update this post if I ever hear back.

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