Fox & Friends Gently Criticizes Trump, Then Walks It Back Almost Instantly


President Donald Trump’s favorite television hosts did something they almost never do on Wednesday: mildly imply that Trump might not always do the right thing. Luckily for Trump, Fox & Friends took it back almost immediately.

Here’s what Brian Kilmeade advised Trump to not do when it came to North Korean threats to cancel an upcoming summit with the United States (via Media Matters):

The president not tweeting is one of the smartest things. Just to stay out of it for now, let the diplomats handle it at a lower level because if the president gets in on it too aggressively with a misinterpretation, the whole thing could blow up.

Is this Kilmeade essentially ceding the fact that Trump’s penchant for, um, “misinterpretation” (read: he’s not very smart) could ruin everything? Sure seems like it! Whoa!

Never fear though, because literally 3.5 seconds later, Kilmeade completely reversed his position, assuring everyone that if Trump did tweet, it would be a “measured tweet.” Never mind then!

Wow. Brilliant. Watch the video at Media Matters.

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