Fox News And Florida's Governor Wonder if Anyone Has Ideas About How to Prevent Gun Violence


Florida Governor Rick Scott appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss the tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School which left 17 people dead in his state. Scott is the same Rick Scott who has an “A+” rating from the National Rifle Association and who lovingly and teasingly chastised the NRA for spending more money than he did to get Donald Trump elected in 2016. Ha ha!

Scott stood there on national television, put on a frown, and repeated the same clichés about “figuring this out” and “keeping our kids safe” and “doing everything we can to make sure this never happens again” without mentioning the one thing everyone knows would help make sure this never happens again.

Then, a truly wild moment occurred. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Scott, “Are there any ideas people have thrown your way about how we can prevent this from happening?”

Gee, how could you prevent a person from murdering over a dozen people and injuring more with a legally purchased magazine-fed semi-automatic gun? Any ideas, anyone? I can think of at least one…

Scott managed to keep a straight face with his response.

“Not to date,” he said, knowing full and well what the real answer to that question is. “Not as of last night to this morning,” he added, also knowing full and well that he loves NRA money more than he values human life.

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