Fox News' Attempt to Prove That There's an Anti-Cop Crisis Goes Hilariously Wrong


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching Fox News fail to collect anecdotal evidence to support its ridiculous claims. Just take this Friday morning clip in which the first responders that Fox & Friends packed into an audience didn’t validate their “woe are cops” narrative.

The Fox News hosts were discussing a viral video of a man throwing a container of milk at police who were at the scene of a fire in the Bronx. According to the New York Post, a Bronx resident said that bystanders had milk because the police were allegedly pepper spraying people. As of Thursday, the Post reported, police are still looking for the man who threw the milk, who is wanted for assault.

On Fox & Friends, after the group decried the anti-police behavior, Steve Doocy asked the audience for a show of hands from first responders who had encountered anything like the milk-throwing seen in the video within the past year.

“Hit with water, hit with milk, disrespected, taunted?” Brian Kilmeade asked when no hands went up, prompting just one person to raise his hand.

“Or know anyone that has?” Ainsley Earhardt jumped in, clearly not satisfied with the outcome of their live poll.

“Well, that’s good,” Doocy conceded.

The rest of the segment, posted to Media Matters’ website, continued to be a flop. The one person interested in speaking to Doocy on live TV was a firefighter named Gerard—not a cop.

“These guys are going to work like we do every day and all they want to feel respect and appreciation, and when you go to work and you don’t feel either one of those, you get depressed…” Gerard said about the NYPD.

“Do you feel that way?” Doocy asked him.

“I don’t personally. I’m very happy with my job and I think most firefighters are,” Gerard said, explaining that the people they assist need or want their help.

Still no anecdotal evidence to support the narrative that this first responder-hating country is going to ruin! What a chef’s kiss of a Fox News Friday.

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