Hacks Like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Are Lying About the U.N.’s Palestinian Death Toll

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Hacks Like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Are Lying About the U.N.’s Palestinian Death Toll

Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe that was last seen doing the antithesis of journalism by letting an NYPD propagandist say that bike locks sold by Columbia University were proof of outside agitators at Columbia University, revealed another fundamental lack of understanding of how the world works yesterday when he tweeted this.

This bootlicker cosplaying a journalist on TV failed to actually understand the report like so many of his other fellow stenographers who go to bed every night dreaming about downplaying the massacre of children. Israel’s dutiful propagandists started spreading the lie that the United Nations revised its estimate of Palestinian deaths down this week, but one look at the actual UN report reveals that at best, this is a misunderstanding of what words mean.

On the chart that so many lemmings like Scarborough are proving that their tiny little pea brains could not comprehend, the United Nations says that there are 34,904 reported fatalities, which include 24,686 identified deaths. Underneath the chart is a note which says, “not including more than 10,000 reported missing or under the rubble (source: GMO and PCD).”

Additionally, there is this footnote at the bottom of the report.

Disclaimer: The UN has so far not been able to produce independent, comprehensive, and verified casualty figures; the current numbers have been provided by the Ministry of Health or the Government Media Office in Gaza and the Israeli authorities and await further verification. Other yet-to-be verified figures are also sourced.

Joe Scarborough either cannot read at a 3rd grade level or is a shameless liar. The United Nations did not lower their estimate of casualties in Gaza, they produced a number of identified casualties in Gaza that is lower than reported estimates. People like Scarborough who are giddy to cover up the mass murder of women and children in the name of building a globally reviled Jewish state on top of their graves are setting the table for holocaust denial.

As Nathan Tankus rightfully pointed out on Twitter, saying that only identified deaths count would dramatically reduce the number of people killed in the holocaust, as only a portion of its victims have ever been identified by name, and the six million dead figure is an approximation.

Using the exact same standards set by Joe Biden’s favorite TV show host would mean that members of my own family who died in the holocaust would not count, and the Nazis who spend their days trying to convince people that it was a hoax can point to Joe Scarborough’s extremely low standards and say they are simply using his own logic.

The fact of the matter is that Palestinian deaths are very clearly under-counted according to this latest UN report, as the footnote about not including victims buried beneath the rubble proves. It’s not that there is some grand conspiracy to stop counting deaths, but the fact that Israel has wiped out most of Palestinian civil society in their genocide, and so the systems previously in place to count the deaths up to around 30,000 are no longer around.

It would require a massive mission to send people into Gaza to pick through the rubble to identify each victim, and we really don’t have any clue what the actual death toll may be. Anyone with half a brain in their head can see that if anything, the estimates are higher, not lower, given that we have been stuck around 30,000 deaths as the reported figure for most of this year now.

But half a brain is one-half more than is required to host Morning Joe, so in the name of defending an Israeli genocide, people like Joe Scarborough are actually laying the groundwork to deny the genocide of Jews. This standard set by these ghouls even undercounts Israeli deaths during and after Hamas’s brutal October 7th attack, as this same report misread by these hacks says there are over 1,200 reported Israeli fatalities, but only 1,162 identified.

Does Joe Scarborough believe that the additional 38+ reported but not identified deaths of Israelis are a Hamas-driven lie too?

Maybe I’m being too hard on Joe Scarborough here. He’s spent decades proving he’s not the brightest bulb in the box. Maybe he doesn’t know the difference between the words “reported” and “identified.” Maybe he can’t read at all. It certainly would explain how the utterly shambolic NYPD bike lock segment was able to make it to air.

People like Joe Scarborough are not journalists, they are propagandists, and the fact that the president of the United States looks at him as one of his favorite journalists just goes to show how idiotic and depraved our ruling class is. We are royally fucked so long as this clueless generation of geriatrics is in charge.

It’s pretty rich that these people are all of a sudden looking to the United Nations as a respected source when not that long ago the United States and its lapdogs in the media were repeating Benjamin Netanyahu’s lie claiming the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine were actually a bunch of Hamas terrorists. You don’t get to cut off funding to the UN and then turn around and pretend that all of a sudden you respect their analysis because you misread it in order to support your enthusiastic denial of the mass murder of children.

The mask is fully off in the United States now. The powers that be do not care about maintaining any kind of shared reality, and people like Joe Scarborough are more than willing to mimic Donald Trump in bending the facts to fit their unhinged narrative, even if it means laying the groundwork for holocaust denial.

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