Happy Sons Day to All the Garbage Sons

The Discourse

According to the reputable website National Today, which popped up when I just googled “national sons day,” national son(s) day was Saturday, September 28. That means we are a little late in wishing all the sons out there, particularly the garbage ones, a very happy Sons Day.

You know who had a nice Son Day? Country music superstar and Big Dad Travis Tritt, who wished his two sons Happy Sons Day on Sunday.

Wow. Great pic, Travis. Looks like Tristan and Tarian are growing up to be fine young sons, and not horrible garbage sons like some of the sons out there. Which one of Travis Tritt’s (not) garbage sons are you? Personally I see myself as more of a Tarian. Pukka shell necklaces are coming back baby!

Readers, but can we get some sons going in the chat? Please post all of your favorite sons in the comments, a place I’ll reserve for belated wishes of Happy Son Day.

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