Here Comes Ivanka With Whatever This Is


President Donald Trump is finally staring down an official impeachment inquiry, and shockingly seems not too thrilled about what that might mean for his precious place in history. Turns out the prospect of facing actual consequences for his years of overtly crooked dealings is something of a bummer! Go figure.

Enter Ivanka, the president’s eldest daughter and heir apparent to his sleazy legacy, who out of the blue on Wednesday tweeted a little pick-me-up to her dear sweet daddy, with no explanation whatsoever:

Thank you for what, exactly? It’s as unclear as the weirdly blurry picture Ivanka used to pay homage to her papa, “Mr. President.”

Will Ivanka’s oddly detached words of support buoy her father’s flagging spirits? Who can say! But with full blown impeachment coming down the pike, it’s probably gonna take more than an out of focus tweet to get the president back to his usual jubilant self.

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