Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio made a joke about colored people's time. It was as bad as you think.


Last night, during the Inner Circle’s annual gathering of elite New York politicians, Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and current New York mayor Bill de Blasio joined Hamilton‘s Leslie Odom, Jr. for a bit of on-stage crowd work.

In what can only be described as a patently unfunny attempt at mimicking humor, Clinton jokingly chastised de Blasio about being late with his endorsement of her run at the White House.

“I just have to say thanks for the endorsement, Bill,” Clinton chided. “Took you long enough.”

De Blasio, staying in-character for the bit, had an explanation ready for the former Secretary of State: he was “running on CP time.”

“CP time” is an abbreviation for colored people’s time, the racist concept that people of color (particularly black people) are always late to things. Clinton went on to elaborate that she was referring to “cautious politician time,” but as any person of color will explain to you, cautious politician time is not a thing that people say.

Odom Jr., a black man currently in the public spotlight for his portrayal of Aaron Burr in the racebent musical Hamilton, appeared uncomfortable with the joke.

“I don’t like jokes like that, Bill,” Odom said.

Clinton and de Blasio’s regratable comments come on the heels of Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, making a number of off-color remarks to Black Lives Matter protestors last week during a campaign rally in Philadelphia.

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