Is There a Single Funny Conservative Comedian?

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Is There a Single Funny Conservative Comedian?

You’ll notice I put the word comedian in the title, as I have met many funny conservatives in my life. What I have yet to see in 37 years of walking the Earth however, is a single funny human in the conservative media complex, which is structured around a fundamental lack of humor and self-awareness in service of pushing a reactionary agenda on behalf of America’s billionaire class.

I ask this question in light of a new animated conservative comedy on Twitter which stars Dave Rubin, JP Sears, and talk radio show host Larry Elder, whose first episode featured Elon Musk. I am legally obligated to slap a content warning on this for the immense amounts of cringe emanating from this video. There isn’t a single original thought in this entire three and a half minute trainwreck.

Turn on any conservative comic and you’ll see something that basically includes all the elements of this monument to tediousness. For all the hatred these lemmings have for transgender people, you would think they would be able to come up with more than one joke by now, but such is the one-note nature of conservative “comedy.” It’s just a reptile-brained grievance amplifying machine masquerading as intelligent and sardonic thought.

You can see the immensely shallow and self-serving ethos of conservative comedy appear when the black neighbor walks in. Shocker! He’s wearing Washington football team gear that discriminates against Native Americans, checkmate libs! How can a black man ever be racist?

Just when you think that these people couldn’t get any sadder, more desperate and single-minded, they return to the Bud Light well, because it is the site of the only victory these people have ever had in their miserable lives. They bullied the brand to stop its ad campaign with a transgender influencer, and it clearly broke these people’s brains in an irrevocable way. Everywhere they turn now, all they see is Bud Light. They’re like drug addicts chasing the only high they’ve ever known.

This awful show is a perfect window into the low-grade conservative comedian mind. It should come as no surprise that Dave Rubin tried and failed to make it big at places like The Daily Show, and the one commonality amongst all these conservative tryhard comedian types is that they were told by mainstream America’s entertainment centers that they are talentless hacks who can’t even be trusted with a non-speaking part in a 15-second commercial. I cannot help but wonder whether the best way to defang conservative media is to create an entirely new TV channel just to give reactionary starfucker schlubs something to do all day that isn’t destructive to the fabric of society.

That they are finding a home with Elon Musk is the ultimate proof of the fundamental lack of humor in conservative comedy. Only someone who desperately wants to be the world’s greatest poster without having any of the skills to do so could ever see this bigoted babybrained bullshit as anything resembling humor.

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