It's Called a Blog


When blogs began, they were curiosities. When blogs got popular, they were vicious trash that was undermining Real Journalism. And now, at last, the Real Journalists have discovered what the future of journalism is: blogs.

If you are not familiar with, it is what you would get if you took THE POLITICO and squeezed it into a blog format if the blog was written by type-A 9th graders who recently mastered PowerPoint slide format and also believed that defense contractors are legitimately good. Axios founder Jim Vandehei tells the New York Times about the exciting new publishing format he is pioneering:

Introduced in 2017 and pronounced “ACKS-ee-ohs” (its founders wanted “ack-see-US,” until eventually realizing that nobody else said it that way), the site says it strips away the flab and filler of traditional journalism for busy readers…
“Journalists have a bad, bad habit of equating length with substance and depth,” he said in an interview. “If you look at the architecture of our site, the whole idea is to tell you what’s new, why does it matter, and give you the power to go deeper.” Politico alumni work at a host of prestigious publications, including The Times. “Three to five years from now, there will be a lot more people writing the way we do than the old way,” Mr. VandeHei said.

It’s called a blog. You’re 15 years late. Plus your blog sucks. Bow down bitch.

(You can cuss on blogs Jim Vandehei.)

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