It's easier for men to get jobs coaching women's sports, say nearly all female coaches


Here’s a depressing statistic: 80 percent of female coaches in women’s sports say it’s easier for men to get jobs, according to a recent study by the Women’s Sports Foundation.

The Women’s Sports Foundation survey found that among the 2,500 respondents, 91 percent said it’s easier for men to negotiate salary increases, 70 percent said it’s easier for men to get promoted and 67 percent said men have an easier time securing multi-year contracts.

Forty percent of respondents also said they experience gender bias in the workplace. Many coaches said they fear being reprimanded if they report Title IX violations.

Reminder: This is in women’s sports.

Title IX is the law that prohibits sexual discrimination in education. In sports, Title IX grants that there must be equal opportunities for female athletics.

But this report details that the percentage of women’s sports coached by women actually decreased since Title IX was implemented. In 1971, 90 percent of all women’s sports were coached by women, and in 2016, just 43 percent are. Just three percent of men’s sports are coached by women.

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