Jeb Bush poses in front of green screen, launching amazing Photoshop war


Did Jeb Bush’s campaign know what they were doing when they tweeted this photo from a campaign stop at an Iowa TV station’s studio?

Did they know that this basically meant anyone with a copy of Photoshop or GIMP could now magic wand the Republican presidential candidate into any setting imaginable?

It doesn’t really matter if they knew. This is a bell that cannot be unrung, with Reddit’s PhotoshopBattles subreddit leading the charge.

This is currently the top-ranked submission in the thread, continuing our fascination with presidential candidates interacting with tiny versions of themselves.

The pointing pose definitely inspired a lot of photoshoppers to place Jeb in the place of other famous pointers.

At some point, the Bush campaign noticed what was going on, and decided to embrace one of the photos that creates a historical comparison they enjoyed.

Here are some other historical settings created in the thread Jeb did not tweet. I wonder why?

As I said early, this is sort of easy, as far as photoshop challenges go. So some posters decided to deconstruct the very premise of the assignment.

Last, but certainly not least, the animated gifs.

Let this serve as yet another warning: If you’re a politician, never hold up a piece of paper, and never pose in front of a green screen.

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